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YPO Columbus

YPO Columbus was founded in 1986 to offer local CEOs an opportunity to engage in lifelong learning and idea exchange, and provide access to powerful peer-to-peer networking, timely guidance and treasured relationships.

With a membership base of more than 60 young CEO’s and Presidents, YPO Columbus offers exceptional opportunities for networking, exclusive one-of-a-kind events; and a shared spirit of collaboration.

“YPO to me is a really special organization that provides a unique and unparalleled opportunity to engage with people who understand what you’re going through. I have had the chance to interact with people who I would never have met, who are running massive corporations and iconic brands, who are willing to share their time, their talent and their energy.”
Doug Ulman - Pelotonia

“I joined YPO because I believe it offers you not only an opportunity for educational experiences that you wouldn’t get anywhere else but also this incredible opportunity to participate in the forums. The forum experience has been truly invaluable in providing me with a trusted and diverse group of advisers and friends to rely on as I work through both professional and personal decisions. YPO is forward thinking and thought provoking and has provided me with a group of lifelong friends.”
Jane Abell - Donatos Pizza

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) | Better Leaders Through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange
What is YPO?

YPO Is the global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow. The organization unites over 27,000 business leaders in more than 130 countries. YPO members harness the knowledge, influence, and trust of the world’s most influential and innovative leaders who inspire business, personal, family and community.

How do I qualify?

Membership Qualifications for 2020-2021


Under the age of 45


Title of CEO, President or equivalent and operational leader of qualifying company


Gross annual sales of US $13M (US $9M for agency-type); or US $260M assets for financial institution; or US $15M enterprise value


50 full-time employees or > US $2M employee compensation and a minimum of 15 employees


Need two current Columbus YPO members to sponsor

What is involved in the membership process?
  • Complete a YPO application
  • Interview with the membership officer
  • Sponsors host luncheon for applicants with members
  • Attend two YPO Columbus events
  • Complete a 3rd party verification confirming your quantitative qualifications
  • Receive approval to join by the chapter board
  • Upon payment of dues, you will be an official YPO Columbus member
What are the benefits of joining YPO?
Peer-to Peer Environment

It’s not so lonely at the top. YPO provides both members and spouses/significant others the ability to connect with peers in a structured, supportive, and confidential atmosphere to address their individual and combined professional/personal needs. This unique and powerful peer-to-peer culture is insulated as members are prohibited from soliciting another member or spouse/significant other for any reason.


Rated as the number one benefit of YPO, Forums are groups of eight to ten members who meet as peers on a monthly basis. In an atmosphere of strict confidentiality, trust and oneness, they share experiences and support each other’s needs in the areas of business, family and personal matters.

Lifelong Learning

The YPO mission centers on lifelong learning and idea exchange. The Columbus Chapter brings members together approximately twelve to fifteen times a year to discover new insights into many topics, ranging from geopolitical and business to personal/family and community issues.

YPO also offers regional, national and international universities, seminars, industry roundtables, and alliances among members and leading higher-learning institutions to examine specific industry trends and best practices.

Only in YPO Experiences

General Stanley McChrystal shares
field-tested leadership lessons

YPO Edge in Singapore

Exclusive YPO Family Carnival

President Obama learns “The Columbus Way”

We welcome you to join us in YPO Columbus!
The ‘Only in YPO’ experiences truly are unparalleled. The unique educational programs, world-class speakers and exclusive networking and travel opportunities offered by the chapter are always fun, informative and engaging.
Ben Thompson - Primary Aim, LLC
YPO Global Connections has been there for my family when we really needed it. I am continually impressed by the depth and breadth of resources that are available to me as a result of my YPO membership. When I think of YPO, the one word that comes to mind is enrichment. My life has been greatly enriched at every level.
Lisa Stein - Revolutions, Inc.